Monday, December 31, 2012

Vail Day One

So as usual, my travel days are full of fun and excitement! Setting out for Vail, my flight was delayed for 2 1/2 hours due to weather in Vegas (?) sure.... weather :) Then by the time I got into Chicago they had already boarded my connecting flight and I literally was the last person walking onto the plane. Whew! Lucky for me my luggage actually made it too. After arriving into Denver and not having anything to eat all day but some goldfish and water, I decided I should stop and get more water and something to snack on for my trek to Vail. Sadly, all the lines were too long and I was afraid I was going to miss my shuttle so I decided against it. Sad and cranky due to lack of food :) Once I got my luggage, I booked it on over to Colorado Express 30 minutes after my scheduled bus left, but as luck would have it they were still there and I got to hop on... not sure how happy the others were that I was late but who cares. It was awkward enough.
Once I got to Vail the nice shuttle driver dropped me off and Karen and her family were nicely waiting for me. We went straight to Vail Village and had dinner. I was famished. The food was wonderful and her parents couldn't be nicer! After dinner we headed back to their condo and as luck would have it, they were doing a puzzle! YAY! I made myself right at home and started with the puzzle, which is a picture of the Cinque Terre in Italy and 2000 pieces! So fun!

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